A voluntary faith-based non-governmental organization.


The Angel-Zoe Foundation (AZF) is a non-governmental organization, which was setup with the objective of reaching out to women and young people in prison and to help rehabilitate and properly re-integrate them into society after their discharge. It also seeks to provide services to poverty-ridden and crime-prone communities in rural and peri-urban areas in Ghana aimed at preventing the perpetration of crime. The Foundation was setup in 2007 to address the ever increasing rate of crime in the Ghanaian society

Crime is increasing in Ghana and creating a sense of insecurity as citizens are facing the highest robbery rates in seven years. Crime has no age limit and the number of youth breaking laws is increasing. There are 268 juveniles in Senior Correctional Centers, and a total of 15,203 adults incarcerated across Ghana. Consequently, the socio-economic inequalities and lack of access to opportunities for women and youth remain steady and result in their participation in criminal activity. The rate of crime is still detrimental to Ghana’s development.


Respecting diversity while contributing to peace and security.


To continue empowering the most marginalized women, youth, and children to access their human rights and economic freedoms to enjoy opportunities aligned with their goals for a dignified life.


1- Creating healthier and safer communities in Ghana through tailored interventions aimed at supporting the rehabilitation and reformation of women and juvenile prison inmates.

2- Providing educational and enhanced life skills programs to prison inmates to build capacities in the areas of human rights and economic freedoms in efforts to reintegrate them into society.

3- Providing crime-prone communities in rural and peri-urban areas with gender equality and youth inclusion sensitization initiatives to increase support systems and reinforcing systems for the prevention of future delinquencies.

4- Facilitating community education on health and wellness, law and rights, and environmental sustainability for equitable living conditions and economic opportunities.

5- Maintaining relationships with ex-convicts to support their renewed life goals and livelihoods post-incarceration, and prevent recidivism and a perpetual relapse into the crime-poverty cycle.

A Not-for-Profit Organization assisting Women and Juvenile Prison Inmates